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 We thought long and hard about how to best support leaders,     such as yourself, who are trying to create sustainability while meeting the demands of your position. As a result, Dr. Nadia Lopez created the REC Room - Redefining Education Cohort - where it's all about Relationships, Experiences, and Camaraderie.


This 8-week group coaching program will be a 90 minute long weekly live session dedicated to helping you tackle the issues you are facing as a leader, teaching you the art of self-preservation while providing you with a community that offers a safe space to learn, share, and grow.

We invite you to be a part of this cohort. 

One payment of $2497.00 (BEST DEAL)

Two monthly payments of $1300.00

Three bi-weekly payments of $900.00

Thursdays at 7 pm EST

Next Cohort Starts October 2022

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