Roadmap to Freedom

with Nadia Lopez


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09/06, 09/13, 09/20, 09/27, 10/04

The Roadmap to Freedom is five powerful Sunday sessions walking you through my journey and teaching you along the way. Buy all five sessions now and save!


Session Three


The Blueprint

Visions don’t just manifest, they require you to put in the work. Learn why you need to understand that self-actualization begins with the process of self-reflection.


Session One


Through the Fire

Divorce, rejection, disappointment,

and having to rebuild from ashes. During this session, I share the many setbacks that ultimately prepared me for my comeback.


Session Four


Your Network is Your Net Worth

It’s time to take inventory of who is in your life. How do they align to your goals, do they add value to your life or subtract from it?


Session Two


Living On Purpose

We all have been given an assignment that is driven by our purpose. This session will help you to realize that every situation is  preparation for your destination.


Session Five


Reclaiming Your Time

Self-care is a verb that requires you to take action. Now is the time for you to choose you! We will explore various forms of healing and why it’s important to prioritize your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.



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